Federal Funding Announcement

On Thursday July 30 2015, Federal Minister for National Defence and Multiculturalism Jason Kenney, along with Alberta Minister for Transportation Brian Mason, announced Federal funding for the Southwest Calgary Ring Road project.

At the announcement, also attended by Tsuut’ina Chief Roy Whitney-Onespot, Kenney detailed a commitment of $582.9 million, which represents one quarter of the estimated $2.8 billion cost for construction of this leg of the road. The funds are being earmarked from the National Infrastructure Component of the New Building Canada Fund, which ‘provides funding for projects of national significance’1.


(Map showing the newly revised route of the Southwest ring road; from Macleod trail in the south, to west of 101st street SW in the west.)

The Request for Qualifications (RFQ) process for potential contractors is currently underway. The RFQ process closes August 12 2015, after which point “three potential bidding consortia”2 will be selected to bid on the project. The Province has previously stated that construction of this road is intended to start in 2016, with an agreed completion date no later than 2022.3

Noting the importance of the Southwest ring road to the Tsuut’ina Nation, and the time the project has taken to progress to this point, Chief Whitney-Onespot stated “To say that the Ring Road has been a long time in coming may be one of the greatest understatements in Calgary history. If it feels like this discussion has been going on for a lifetime, that’s because really, it has.”4



1) http://www.infrastructure.gc.ca/plan/nbcf-nfcc-eng.html retrieved July 31 2015.

2) http://www.transportation.alberta.ca/5702.htm retrieved July 31 2015.

3) “Southwest ring road construction to start next year” CBC News. July 7 2015.

4) http://calgaryherald.com/news/politics/kenney-announces-federal-cash-for-calgary-ring-road retrieved July 31 2015.


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