West and Southwest Calgary Ring Road Virtual Tour

On August 25 2014 the Province of Alberta released 3D Virtual Tour renderings of the West and Southwest Calgary Ring Road projects.

Southwest Calgary Ring Road Project:

West Calgary Ring Road Project:

Click for more information on the 2013 Southwest Ring Road deal (plus updates in March 2014 and June 2014), and the History of the Southwest Ring Road. For more information on the history of the West Calgary Ring Road, Click Here.


3 thoughts on “West and Southwest Calgary Ring Road Virtual Tour”

  1. All I can hope is that they install at least 3 lanes in each direction to begin with rather than putting in 2 lanes and then 6 months after “completion” start on the third lane.

    1. The corridor through the reserve is intended to be able to accommodate two full freeways: the current ring road and a future outer ring road (in many years time). The wide median was set aside in order to allow for a further eight lanes to be built there.

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